Our New Website is Here!

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I'm so happy, I could have a beer!

I’m super uuber excited to have finally launched our new website and our branding!  I may be slightly biased, but I think it rocks and feel like having a beer!  Last year, I redesigned my logo and color scheme.  Website was next! Having spent the last 6 months and a boatload of man-hours, it’s here.  As of now, there are:

  • 97 published pages (18 of them are hidden/password protected for my private client resource center)
  • 17 blog posts (with a bunch more coming . . and I mean a BUNCH!!)
  • 497 images, attached to both blog posts and pages
  • Custom coding and programming for some kick ass back-end functionality (member login, custom menu systems, etc.)
  • A bunch of #1 search engine results and a boatload of First Page listings 😉

More blog posts acoming

There are a few dozen blog posts, but a ton more coming.  I will be slowly converting my old posts and articles and gathering the pictures necessary for updating the blog.  Probably in reverse chronological order, but there’s alot of work ahead.

Who Designed It?

Mostly, I did.  And a ton of man hours from my designers too at my sister company, Pro Motion Design.  I was the project lead, naturally, and some of my staff put in alot of man hours doing the legwork.  I thank them tremendously!  If you or your company are looking for a new website, I’ll be glad to speak with you!


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