Wireless Speakers & Sound Reinforcement

Sound Reinforcement & Wireless Speakers

Remote Speaker Systems provide all sound (music & announcements) in additional areas. Shown at The Bahia Resort

If your event is in a large, obscure room or you required additional sound reinforcement in a secondary area, we have a full range of additional sound systems. Secondary and Wireless Speaker Systems are generally used for:

  • Cocktail hours held in foyer, second room, or outside patio
  • Large or obscure rooms (E.g Admiral Kidd Club, MOCA La Jolla)
  • Very large events where additional sound support is required (I.e. Grand Ballroom at Sheraton Harbor Island (East) where up to 1,000 people can be accommodated.)
  • Areas where you will need satellite/remote coverage of whatever is coming from the “main” sound system.

This allows us to provide music and sound coverage in three (3) or more areas. This ensure your event is totally covered – as many full service weddings are held in three areas: Ceremony + Cocktail Area + Dinner/Reception. I can even do four (4) or more if required, and yes, it’s been done 😉

Wireless Speaker Systems

Wireless Speaker System provides music & announcements on patio at Tom Ham’s Lighthouse.

The wireless speaker systems are preferred, as they transmit exactly what is coming from the Main Speakers, including announcements. I use modern, professional grade, full range UHF wireless transmitters and receivers for each setup. (In fact, these are the same wireless technologies and products that I use for my wireless microphone systems.) Most setups will suffice with one (1) speaker system, while larger or more obscure arrangements may require two (2) or more.

Regardless of what type of system is used, each has the following properties:

  • Wireless – can be placed virtually anywhere
  • Independent volume control
  • Can be a part of a package, saving money $$

NOTE: If you require dedicated or isolated coverage in a separate or unique area, then an Additional Sound System will be required.

Remote Speaker Pictures

La Jolla Shores Wedding DJ & Wedding Lighting (4)

DJ/MC & Lighting Services for Jason and Amanda’s La Jolla Shores Hotel Wedding

Wedding Ceremony & Reception at Admiral Kidd Club

Wedding Ceremony & Reception at Admiral Kidd Club

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