Stage Wash Lighting

Stage lighting is used to add colorful light and pizzaz to a stage, typically for a band or live performers. (For DJs, it’s not common, unless you’re Tiesto or Deadmaus) Generally, there are three types of stage lighting that can be suited for your decor, preference and budget.

Basic Stage Wash Lighting

Basic stage wash lighting usually features a couple of different colors that are fixed throughout the event. These are typically mounted on a pair of trees/stands, usually one on each corner or side of the stage. That is common with traditional, old-school-style band set ups. Lighting technicians arrive, set up and then return at the end of the event.

Pricing range:

Typically $300-$500 (including labor & delivery) depending on the size of the set up and quantity of lights.

Intelligent Wash Lighting

The next option is intelligent wash lighting, which can be fixed to a solid or variety of colors and then synchronized to the music/beat once things get going. It will give you more of a “show”. This is similar to what you find DJs using for their gigs! The set up is similar to the Basic Wash Lighting but the addition of a lighting controller is added.

Pricing range:

Typically $400-$800, depending on the complexity and whether the technician stays on site. A technician is needed if you wanted to change the lighting (during dinner versus dancing, perhaps) or to have a more hands-on controlled approach.

Intelligent Light Shows

Our most complex stage lighting offerings are intelligent light shows that can have effects, movements and flashy lights, intelligent washes, pattern Gobos, etc. that can display on the dance floor and or around the room. This is what you would see at a small concert, but on a much smaller scale or at high-end weddings, galas and formal events. This setup does require a technician to be on site, preprogram the shows remain on-site for the duration.

Pricing range:

Typically $750-$1750, or even higher depending on the complexity of the show.

Stage Wash & Stage Lighting Pictures

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