What is a Gobo Monogram Projection?

Everyone is talking about the “gobo monogram projection.” What is it? In the basic sense, a “gobo” or “monogram” is the projection of light of an image or design onto the floor, dancefloor, walls or even ceiling.

Technically Speaking

In technical terms, the “gobo” is the physical ‘slide’ that creates the image. While commonly cut from brass or steel, more intricate designs and grayscale or color designs required etched glass. Glass gobos are more expensive than brass or steel. Some will even use LCD projectors and a computer program, though these take a different range of equipment and expertise.

The “monogram” is the design itself. Using simple letters is a common method, but more creative designs can be incorporated. Everything from a corporate (or personal) logo, to a couple’s initials and wedding date, to a complex full color design can be used to design the monogram.

We have the creative ability, necessary software, expertise and right equipment to provide breathtaking custom gobo monogram projections for your wedding or special event.

Design & Artwork

Let us design you a custom monogram from the ground up. We’ll work with you until you are completely satisfied with the final design. The best part? When we’re done, you can keep and use the artwork for other aspects of your wedding such as invitations, programs, menu cards, party favors, etc.

Or, we can incorporate your existing design such as your monogram or initials that you’re already using for your wedding such as invitations, save the date cards, etc. Best part about that, is that you save some money if you already have a design. Ready to take your special event or wedding to the next level? Contact us to get started on your custom gobo monogram projection.

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