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And you thought hiring a DJ was as simple as browsing a catalog . . . for some clients and even some other DJ’s, it may appear that way. But, you expect and will be glad to receive more.

Learn & Browse

1Thank you for visiting.  There is a ton of information here that I hope will educate you on making the best decision for you in regards to your Event Entertainment.  I trust you’ve either 1) heard good things or 2) spent a lot of time visiting this site, or maybe both.  If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact me at any time.

Consultation / Initial Meeting

2Are we right for each other?  Kind of a touchy-feely question, but it’s true.  With your event at stake, you deserve to learn about your DJ/MC, or about our other services to ensure we’re a good fit for you.  It’s pretty simple, but everyone works differently. Some DJ’s take a blind booking over the internet, some require you to go through arduous meetings, silly sales pitches and consultations before you’ll even learn their prices. I offer convenient options:

A) I traditionally meet with prospective brides/grooms at my office/studio for an initial consultation. This is the typical (though not “routine”) meet, greet and chat about your wedding to see if we’ll be a good fit for each other. We’ll review your wedding, details and your desires and determine if my services fit. You’ll see pictures of past events, receive a Wedding Information Packet, and be able to view and interact with my unique Online Planning System.

B) We can have a video conference over Skype or Yahoo Instant Messenger.

C) It can also be done over the phone and definitely an option if you live out of town or if simply comfortable with doing so.

D) As a final option, we can simply draft up a contract covering all of your requirements and wishes and go from there, via email.

ONCE WE MEET IN PERSON, I AUTOMATICALLY HOLD YOUR DATE FOR ONE (1) WEEK. No stress, no worries, no cheesy sales calls to pressure you. I let you think about things, take everything in, and hopefully meet with additional DJs and Service Providers. (I will even offer you a list of other DJs to meet with)

Booking: Contract & Retainer Payment

3A signed contract and retainer payment is required to officially secure your date. Once you decide to move forward, let me know as soon as possible. I’ll “pencil” your date in the calendar and start to booking process. A contract will be drafted that will list out all of the specifics, options, enhancements, etc. Then, to officially secure the date, we need:

  • Signed Contract
  • Retainer Payment (~40% of contract value)

Once either one of these are received, then I “ink” your date into the calendar. I then ask that the other half of the above requirement be received within 5 business days.

Setting up your Account

4Once the Contract and/or Retainer Payments are received, I’ll start setting up your account. I’ll make copies of the contract for your records, process your retainer payment, send you my “welcome and planning emails” and setup your personalized and custom Online Planning System account. This all happens within 1 week after Booking process is complete.

Long Term Planning

5Over the next few months (sometimes longer or shorter) you’ll be working to develop ideas, draft song lists, come up with all of your questions/concerns, etc. Much of this is done on your own, much in your online planning system account. **NOTE: Feel free to contact me at anytime with anything. I don’t limit communication or correspondence and would love to help out with anything you need. I know that some vendors do and personally think it’s a shortfall of good service.

Final Detailed Planning Meeting

6As we near your date, we’ll do a “final detailed planning meeting” at my office/studio where we have access to your online planning account, music, lighting samples, etc. to finalize the fine details of your wedding. This is usually done 1-3 weeks out. We will spend 1-2 hours going through just about everything:

  1. Timeline/agenda
  2. Music selections
  3. Events and activities
  4. The results of the Online Event Questionaire
  5. Anything else!

By the time we’re done, we’ll all have a very clear picture of how everything will flow, look, sound and feel.

Most couples leave my studio much more relaxed that we have reviewed everything about their wedding in such detail. You will be able to leave with copies of your timeline, planning materials and a good sense of stress-relief!

My Preparation

7Within the final week of your wedding, I will work with the venue and/or other coordinator(s) and vendors to ensure every detail that we reviewed is covered. Changes? No problem, I’m extremely flexible with any change. Some DJ’s require their “planning information” 2 weeks in advance, without any changes allowed after that. You can call me on the morning of your wedding if you’d like!!! I”ll do my best to make it happen.

Have a Great Time, Stress Free

8It’s come down to event time, and you can be assured that from this point on, your event will run smoothly while you and your guests have fun!

Ready to go?

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I look forward to the opportunity to work with you!

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