Event Lighting

Take your event to a totally new level by providing Custom Lighting.  Once reserved for only the largest productions with grandiose budgets, our experience with today’s technology and our stock pile of equipment, allows us to offer the latest and greatest in event lighting.

Considering DJ/MC Services? We offer professionally tailored and competitively priced DJ/MC Services to create a complete package that will be easier and likely cheaper than contracting them separately. Learn More about our DJ/MC Services
Already have DJ/MC Services from elsewhere? We provide “lighting only” services for weddings and events. While you can save money by combining both DJ/MC and Lighting into a single package, we’ll be glad to provide Lighting only for your event. We are usually more efficient, more cost-effective and at times likely, more personal than some of those large “production” companies.

Uplighting & Uplighting Plus


Uplighting is one of the easiest, most economical way to enhance your entire reception! Aka it offers you most ‘bang for your buck!” Light up walls, corners or specific areas of your venue.  Uplighting Plus synchronizes all of your lights together and can change colors simultaneously for additional visual effects.

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Gobo Monogram Projection

San Diego Wedding Gobo Monogram Projection Image (22)

Do you want to project your names/wedding date onto the dancefloor, wall or other surface? The perfect way to personalize your event, and we will customize your Gobo to your liking, including supplying you with the artwork for other uses.  Any message, picture, logo/icon are also available.

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Ponte Family Winery Wedding Image (6)

Pinspotting are small, focused beams of light providing a classy and clean look to accentuate individual tables or other parts of a room or area. Most commonly used on a Cake Table at weddings, pinspotting can also be used for your sweetheart table, food stations, bar(s) and anywhere else you need or desire specific accent lighting.

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Area, Wash & Fill Lighting

Wash-Lighting-140801-0780_1000pmeArea, Wash or Fill Lighting will compliment your room or venue with even more light that is literally “washed” out over the area. Generally used for overall mood lighting effect, sometimes it’s required for safety/security if your venue does not have regular lighting outdoors (or even indoors, for some).

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Market Lighting, Bistro / Overhead Lighting

Brenda & James first dance under the stars and market lights at the Japanese Friendship Garden

Market Lighting is yet another way to compliment your event by providing an elegant and classy touch.  Generally used for outdoor events, market lighting can enhance a particular area, such as a surrounding a dance floor, or encompass your event by outlining your limits such as along fencing or edging.

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String Lighting

String-Lighting-120803-2763_1000pmeString lighting (aka Holiday Lights, Christmas lights) can enhance a particular area such as a surrounding a dance floor, can be wrapped on tree trunks or within bushes & shrubbery, or encompass your event by outlining your limits such as along fencing or edging.

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Real Wedding & Event Lighting Pictures

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