Our Clientele understand the value of appropriately priced services and further understand that a Professional Wedding DJ/MC is a valued service, not a priced commodity.  Please review our price ranges below and if you feel that you are prepared to make such an investment, the we look forward to hearing from you.

What to Expect & What is Included

Pricing for any event depends on the following:

  • Type of event (wedding, corporate event, etc.)
  • Date and times that you require service
  • Size of event (number of guests)
  • Venue and Location(s) (In what room(s) or area(s) will the event take place)
  • Services and/or Equipment Required (Do you need coverage in more than one location?)
  • Additional or unusual circumstances (Holiday weekend, In a barn 200 miles away, etc.)

Additionally, Packages consisting of multiple services, add-ons or upgrades can be customized to fit your style, desires and budget . . . but keep in mind that multi-faceted Package will usually include a package discount to save you money.

Our Interactive Event Inquiry Form will step you through selecting the necessary or desired services. This will allow us to provide you a detailed estimate right away via email or phone, and then see if it makes sense to setup a free consultation. See the Interactive Event Inquiry Form now.

DJ/MC Packages

Most DJ/MC events are charged by the all-inclusive package, not by a simple hourly rate.  This is due to the total amount of time that we will spend on your event, not just the “service” time.

Packages usually cover a range of 4 to 7 hours of “service” time depending on details.  Additional time can be easily added.

Our clientele invest between $1250 and $1750 on Wedding Entertainment during Weekends, ranging from Reception Only to Ceremony + Reception DJ/MC Packages.  As noted above, the investment on the day of week, time of year, and the items mentioned above.  Weekday weddings are considerably less, Holiday weekends may be more. Inquire About DJ/MC Packages
Did you know? That most Professional Wedding DJs will put in an average of 15-20 hours of total time into a wedding? This includes: Initial Meetings, Phone Calls, Consultations & Admin • Planning Meetings & Preparation • Delivery, Setup & Strike • Working the Actual Event • Followup, Admin & Close-out

Minimum Pricing on DJ/MC Packages

There are minimum package prices depending on day of week and time of year. A package is any combination of services such as DJ/MC, Lighting & Decor, Photobooth, A/V Rentals.

  • Saturdays between April and October, and all major holidays
  • Fridays & Sundays between April & October & Saturdays in December
  • All Weekends between November & March, except December

Lighting Packages

Event lighting is priced out similar to DJ/MC services – by the package.  If you are adding them to a DJ/MC pacakge above, you can save additional money.  All lighting packages include:

  • Lighting design & planning services
  • Necessary equipment/fixtures
  • Cabling, connectors, shrouding
  • Delivery, setup, strike & pickup (Included when a part of a DJ/MC package above)*

*We can also provide event lighting as a standalone service, where delivery, setup, strike and pickup will be included in the price.

Most wedding and formal event Decor lighting packages are typically priced between $300 and $1,000, ranging from Uplighting Only to Multi-option packages consisting of Gobo Monogram Projections, Pinspotting and similar event lighting designed for weddings and formal events. Larger events or other lighting services such as String or Market Lighting will require a custom quote. Inquire About Lighting 

Photobooth Packages

We will be set-up with an Open, “Mini-Studio” style photobooth to provide and capture fun at at your event. It’s a great way to entertain, and they’ll love going home with a high quality, professional full-size print(s). You and your guests have full access to view, share and download on your private online gallery. Optional “Social Sharing” features can allow automatic uploads to Social Media sites to private sharing/posting by guests.


All photobooth packages include:

  • Live, Interactive Photographer w/ Professional Studio Equipment
  • High Quality Studio Images
  • Unlimited Instant Prints or Strips Onsite
  • Custom Backgrounds, Unique Props
  • Online Viewing Galleries of Hi-Res images
  • Options: Live Slide Show, Social Sharing, Greenscreen
Our clientele typically invest between $650 and $1000 on Photobooth Packages, ranging from Reception Only to Ceremony + Reception DJ/MC Packages. If they are packaged together with DJ/MC or other services, additional discounts may apply. As noted above, the investment on the day of week, time of year, and the items mentioned above.  Weekday events are considerably less, Holiday weekends may be more. Inquire About Photobooth Packages

Package Discounts

As noted above, package discounts are available when adding combining services such as Photobooth, Additional Time, Lighting/décor, A/V rentals, etc. The larger the overall package, the larger the discount. Most package discounts are in the 5-20% range equating to usually $50-300 or more (depending on overall size of course).

Additional Info

  • Everything will be communicated up front and subsequently put in your Contract.
  • There are never hidden charges, and sales tax is not required for “Services Rendered”
  • We ALWAYS offer discounts for multi-item Packages.  The more items that you desire/require, the bigger the discount.


Well not fine, but nothing secret here:

  • For DJ/MC Packages, there is a minimum package price depending on day of week, and time of year.
  • All prices include Service Charge & Taxes.  There is nothing hidden, ever.
  • Gratuity / Tip is 100% discretionary and we will never require or ask for it.
  • Any additional charges or rates will always be disclosed within the agreed contract and never assessed w/o your knowledge.
  • Holiday and Special weekends generally are priced at a higher rate, Midweek (Mon-Thur) are generally lower.
  • Surcharges may be applicable for travel beyond 50 miles each way.