I am 100% dedicated in using only the best in professional sound and lighting equipment on the market. Further, I am constantly keeping equipment upgraded and maintained to ensure you will be supplied with the best out there without any hassle or worry of failure.

Main Reception or Event DJ/MC Console

Main Reception or Event Sound System

  • Main Sound – Self Powered, Mackie SRM450 Speakers
  • Main Mixer – Numark DN-X500 4 Channel, 2 Microphone, Effects Mixer
  • Hardware Controller – Numark DN-HC4500 Controller
  • Computer – PC Based Laptop
  • Software – VirtualDJ
  • Wireless Microphones – Audio Tecnica AT-2100 Series UHF Systems
  • Tables & Skirting are supplied at no charge for all events.

Remote Speaker Systems provide sound (music & announcements) in additional areas.

Remote Speakers / Wireless Setups

  • Mackie SRM350 speakers x4
  • Audio Tecnica AT-2100 wireless transceiver system
  • Stands, skirting and all necessary cables.

Upgraded Sound System

  • Subwoofers – JBLM418Pro Series 18″ sub-woofers or QSC “KSub” (In addition to Main Sound.)

Backup Equipment

I bring back up equipment to every event.

  • Main Speakers (since each are self powered, they act as a backup to each other)
  • Spare Laptop Computer
  • 2nd Ext. Hard Drive – (full music Library Back-up)
  • Wireless Microphone Transmitter and Receiver
  • Wired Microphone, handheld
  • Full supply of cables, connectors and accessories – not only for backup and emergencies, but for interfacing to other vendors, bands, musicians, etc.

Wedding Ceremony Setup includes everything needed for Sound & Music

Ceremony / Remote / 2nd System

  • Yamaha StagePas Self Contained System
  • CD Player(s) or iPod Interface
  • Audio Tecnica ATW-2100 Wireless Lapel Mic x2
  • Audio Technica ATW-2100 Wireless Handheld x1
  • Standard Wired Microphones (Up to 2 additional)
  • Remote Battery / Power Pack included at no charge when required.

This system is used mostly for Wedding Ceremonies and/or Additional Sound Systems.

Video Projection Equipment interfaced with DJ Sound System

Video Projection Equipment (for Video Slide Shows)

  • 3000 Lumen DLP Projector (That’s bright!)
  • DVD Player or Laptop Computer for playback
  • Tables, skirting, cables and accessories included.
  • 9′ Fast Fold Projection Screen (Good for about 200 people in medium / large room)
  • 10′ Tripod Projection Screen (Good for about 300 people in large room)


We have so much variety and quantity of lighting equipment, it would be impracticable to list it all here.

A/V Equipment

Similar to lighting, we have so much variety and quantity of equipment, it would be impracticable to list it all here.