Photography Credits

The majority of photographs and pictures found across this website have been taken by yours truly – me, aka DJ Blake Miller.  I have a not-so-secret love affair with photography and I dabble in it as serious side-hustle of mine.

Why do I take and display so many pictures?:

  • I love photography and taking pictures.
  • I love “capturing the event” – and nothing does it better than with pictures.
  • I love the ability to show future clients different ideas at many different venues.
  • I love to communicate the power of using true event professionals through imagery.  You don’t deliver such events by using sub-average vendors.
This also means I have a huge respect for all of the Event and Wedding Photographers and go out of my way to ensure that when we work together, I offer them the best opportunities to photograph your event.

Other San Diego Photography Credits

There are many images used throughout this website taken by San Diego Professional Photographers. These should be NOT watermarked with my name, and sometimes watermarked with theirs.  So with that, I thank the following photographers for letting me use some of their images throughout this website: