Gobo Monogram Projection – “PLUS”

It’s the 21st century . . . shine that additional attention to your projected message by selecting the “PLUS” edition of your typical Monogram. Pro Motion Entertainment has advanced the traditional “gobo” projection to the next level:

  • Unlimited colors
  • Animated / Dynamic
  • Virtually any design allowed*
  • Take home file for keepsake

* A traditional “gobo” monogram must be literally cut into steel or brass. It’s like a metal slide. Because of this, there is inherently a limit to the complexity, size and shape of the gobo you can cut into metal.

Pro Motion Entertainment’s “Monogram PLUS” system virtually HAS NO LIMITATIONS.

The Monogram PLUS is a multi-color, fully dynamic (animated) monogram. Scroll your date across the bottom, animate your logo or traditional initial monogram. Best yet, even receive a “take-home” file of your completed monogram to post on your own website or use to share with family and friends.

Custom Dynamic Monograms offer much more than a static black & white Monogram!

Announce your date & personal message!

Display your corporate logo! (This one was projected 30 feet across the back side of a tent during a corporate holiday party)

It’s simple – just let us know what your ideas are, and Pro Motion Entertainment will add a bit of artistic flare to your liking – all customized to fit your desired specifications. You even get to keep the finished file for future use, either on your website, or other computer.

See the pricing page for additional information and prices

“Real Weddings” – Gobo Monogram

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