Remote & Mini Sound Systems


Remote Sound System provides full sound/emcee/music support, just on a smaller scale

There may be situations where you need a dedicated, isolated or otherwise standalone sound system.  These are usually required for weddings and events that have a separate area for dinner and/or situations where a full system (music, microphone, etc.) are required.

  • Weddings where Dinner is held separate from Dancing/Reception
  • Fundraisers where announcements, MC’ing and Music are required
  • Any event that requires a small, dedicated yet full service sound system

Additional Sound Systems are generally “smaller” in nature and not used for dancing (though they can easily be with upgraded speakers, etc.)  Essentially, they are a full service system, but just smaller in nature in both footprint and speaker size/wattage.

  • Professional Sound System PA/Speakers
  • Mixer Board w/ Multiple Inputs
  • Wireless Microphone Receivers
  • Music / DJ Input

“Real Weddings” – Remote & Additional Sound System Pictures

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Real Events w/ Remote & Additional Sound System Services