Music & Songs

I have a music library of over 25,000 songs and always building my music database. I receive paid subscriptions to popular Music Services reserved exclusivly for Professional DJs and Radio Stations.  In addition, I subscribe to many Music Remix services.  And YES, my music is Clean and Free of Explicit Lyrics.

How Do We Choose Our Music?

Professional DJ Equipment and Songs

I have nearly 25,000 songs stored in this laptop (and on my backup drives)

Many ask how choosing the music for your event works:

  • You can Pick Songs (Yes, I allow you to do that – it’s your event)
  • I will help you pick songs (If you would like assistance)
  • I will pick songs for you (It is what we DJ’s do, ya know 🙂
  • You can even bring/supply your own music/songs.

During the planning time, you will have full access to my music list well in advance and I can also assist you in deciding an appropriate selection of music. Also, you can provide me with any particular music ahead of time, on CD Rom or Data (MP3) format.

Do NOT Play List!!

Similarly, and more importantly, if there are particular songs, styles that you don’t care for, or activities such as the chicken dance, I will not play them. You have as much control over my play lists and music styles as you are comfortable with.  In fact, I have a standard Do NOT Play list that we review during the planning sessions.

SIDE NOTE: 95% of my clients agree with and are happy with sticking to my recommended Do NOT Play List.

Top 200 Lists & Wedding Song Charts

Check out what is popular in both music in general, and wedding songs.These lists are dynamically compiled based on online requests made over the past year at thousands of events around the world.

Top 200 Lists & Wedding Songs