Payment Options

I accept all types of payment for your convenience.

Check / Money Order

Make checks or money orders payable to “Pro Motion Entertainment.” Alternatively, “Blake Miller” will work too. Checks can be hand delivered or sent to my offices.

Credit Card

credit card logos

And for your airline-mileage accruing credit cards, I accept those too:

  • Proceed to my secure online payment page
  • Enter in required information (If paying for someone else, ensure you put the proper “Client Name” in the appropriate field)
  • You will receive an instant email confirmation with receipt and will see the transaction from “Pro Motion Services” within a few days of the transaction.
Unlike some, I do NOT asses surcharges or fees for Credit Card transactions. It’s merely one of the many costs of doing business . . . not a penalty to you.
Pay with Credit Card


You can make a secure transaction through PayPal. You can use your existing PayPal account, or make a Credit Card transaction through PayPal as well. My PayPal billing address is If you prefer, I can send you an e-invoice from PayPal to assist the process.

Pay with PayPal


I do accept cash but PLEASE, DO NOT send cash in the mail. Cash payments should be made in person.