How Many Uplights Should I Get for my Wedding or Event?

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Wedding where we used 18 uplights in a Medium Room. Couple wanted to light up just about every column!

You’re planning a beautiful wedding reception or an eye-pleasing event and hear nothing but good things about “Uplighting“.  It is the best “bang for your buck” in regards to custom event decor and event lighting.  An “uplight” is a single fixture that sits on the ground and shines “up” something.  Simple enough? But how many uplights should you plan on getting for your event?

Typical Number of Uplights in a Room

After supplying over 200 events with some form of Uplighting, it’s not difficult to assess a decent quantity of uplight fixtures for a room or space. Our Standard (and Minimum) package comes with 12 fixtures which we would call “the recommended minimum.”  Most of the weddings we work end up with 12-18 uplights.  Additional fixtures are always available and easily added to the package for a minimal cost.

  • 12 Uplights – Basic/Minimum Package (Good coverage for Small room, Decent coverage for medium room).  Most Common: 4 lights along the front edge, 4 lights along the back edge, 2 lights on each side wall.
  • 18 Uplights* – Full coverage for Smaller room (<150 ppl), Good Coverage for Medium sized rooms (150-250).  *Most Common: 6 Lights across each long edge, 3 on each side.
  • 24+ Uplights – Maximum coverage for small/medium sized rooms, decent coverage for large rooms.  Most common: 6 Lights along each wall.

We have done as many as 32 uplights for a medium sized wedding of 150 people so we can balance out whatever your desires and budget will allow.   Have a look at many of the Real Weddings with Lighting involved.  Most of these will include some form of Uplighting.

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