Does your DJ allow you to bring your own music?

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Main Reception or Event DJ/MC Console

During a recent initial consultation with a bride & groom and they asked if they were able to supply some of their own music for their wedding.  It’s a good question to ask of your DJ, especially if you have some “non-standard” music – meaning songs that aren’t publically available for purchase (through iTunes, or similar)

Most of the time it’s something along the lines of “my brother is in a band and we want to play some of their songs during cocktail hour.”  Or, at one of my recent weddings, the bride surprised her father for the Father/Daughter Dance with a song that they both recorded earlier in the year (they and many in the family were musicians.)  Your DJ’s equipment and overall setup should be able to accommodate “outsiders” songs.

  • My system has an external plugin w/ mini-jack if they have an iPod or portable CD player
  • I can play a CD on the spot (good to bring a backup in case it doesn’t play on my computer)
  • They can send me the MP3’s ahead of time (I can provide a ftp or Dropbox link so they can upload to my website)
  • They can send me a CD ahead of time (good old fashioned CD and mailman 😉 and I can “rip” them into my system.

Ensure you understand if and how your DJ will be able to accommodate songs, both ahead of time and/or on the fly!

NOTE: I never require any client to supply any music or songs at any time as long as it’s publicly available (iTunes, Amazon, etc.) If a particular request is available, I will purchase it and add it to my library.


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