Can a Gobo Monogram be Moved mid-event?

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Gobo Monogram at Prado

Gobo by us. Photo by

I sometimes get asked if a Gobo Monogram projection / fixture can be moved in the middle of the event.  Say between dinner and dancing.  Technically, yes it can.  Practically, not so.

The gobo monogram projection/fixture typically setup and shown on a single area all night. It’s a bit of a complex setup/fixture and moving it in the middle of the night would be disruptive, etc. For instance, because the fixture uses a 750W bulb (at least the fixtures that we use, very bright/hot) the fixture has to be unplugged for 10-15 minutes to cool enough to be able to handle it again.  It also has to be re-adjusted/focused when setting up.  And finally, the size of the lens used is selected based on the distance/angle of the projection – meaning if we go from the floor that’s 15ft away, to a wall that’s 60ft away, it wouldn’t show properly unless we changed lenses – which would add more time and complexity to the move.

Granted, there are other fixtures/units and methods out there that ‘may’ make these issues either mute or less of an issue, but then again, would you want your DJ or Technician showing up mid-event to be climbing around on ladders, etc. causing a disruption?


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