Barry & Tatiana Wedding at Mission Bay Hyatt

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I was surprised one afternoon when I saw an old contact pop up in my phone when it rang.  It had been at least 2 or 3 years since I had spoken with him and was more surprised to learn that my friend, Barry, was planning his wedding!  Even his brother joked during the Best Man speech “it was about time!”

Amber uplighting complemented the Mission Ballroom

I worked with Barry for years at Nautronix, as a Project / Systems engineer.  We both worked on the same projects which included weeks at a time oversees in places like Korea and Singapore.  I parted ways with Nautronix to eventually start “Pro Motion” and my full-time DJ Business which is where I am today.  Barry still works for Nautronix where he since met Tatiana, a sweetheart of a girl who obviously was a great match for Barry.

Barry & Tatiana got married at the Hyatt Regency Mission Bay (used to be called Hyatt Islandia).  They had an intimate ceremony onsite alongside the property in a secluded lawn. Cocktail hour was also nearby outdoors.  Guests were then moved inside to the Mission Ballroom {check that} for Dinner and Dancing.

Barry & Tatiana held their ceremony onsite in a secluded lawn area.

I provided sound coverage for all 3 areas and uplit the room with Golden Amber color to add to the setting.  After dinner, it didn’t take long to get things going on the dancefloor.  There were many great moments, but one that particularly stood out was the linen toss (I just made that name up) – a first at any of my weddings, whereby guests were thrown about atop a linen held by the other guests. It reminded me of the old “parachute” game from grade school.  Barry, who isn’t a small guy (we call each other “beefcake”) surprisingly got some of the “biggest air” and I happened to get a few snapshots of it.

Congrats Barry & Tatiana!

Mission Bay Hyatt Wedding Pictures

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