Are Your Electrical Cables Exposed

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I was setting up for a wedding at a local venue here in San Diego that has multiple rooms and there was another wedding in a nearby room.  Like most curious professionals, I went in to scope things out.  It was a simple reminder of how sometimes the littlest of things may be overlooked . . . but unfortunately, not un-noticed . . .

Where do your Extension Cables and Cords go?

The “DJ Table” against the wall was littered with exposed cables, a power strip, a table linen/skirt that was well too short and generally what I would call a mess.

dj equipment cables exposed

A DJ Table setup before a wedding with table linens too short, orange extension cables, exposed power equipment and generally, pretty messy looking. Possibly the extension cord was borrowed from the Gardener?

In Comparison?

Here is a photo of my main reception DJ system setup at Paradise Point before a recent wedding.

DJ Equipment Clean Setup

DJ Equipment setup just before the start of a wedding. All Black equipment and my own black linens, all cords hidden, pole “sleeves”, main electrical feed taped and tucked against wall.

A Common Theme

I have found that most of the “professional DJs” that I relate with (and would refer in the event that I’m booked) take the extra time and care to “dress up” their overall setup:

  • Matching Skirts & Linens for Tables, Poles and Stands
  • Shrouds and Covers to hide equipment, lighting, etc.
  • Gaff Tape to secure everything
  • Black everything when possible (linens, cables/cords, equipment)
  • Care to hide every single cable when possible

The above items not only cost more in a literal sense, they take additional time to setup and strike for any given event (For me, it is all built into the pricing.)  Nonetheless, when checking out and interviewing your DJ (or any other vendor that uses extension cables), ask them how they dress things up when it comes time for your wedding or event to start.

“I don’t care if you’re the best DJ in the World. If you show up with an orange electrical cord, or worse, no electrical cords at all, I don’t want you at my wedding”

For Kicks

black extension cords

A pile of my black extension cords AFTER striking a boat load of lighting for a wedding.

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