Demo Videos

While I do NOT have a generic “demo video” there have been a few of my weddings captured and collected.  It should be noted that in my experience of over 400 weddings (as of 2015) that EVERY wedding is Different and Unique in it’s own special way.  No single video can capture the particular style of any one vendor, and it is actually my goal to adjust my style and approach of your wedding to match Your tastes and desires. Enjoy!

Wedding DJ & Lighting at La Valencia Hotel

A classy and fun wedding at La Valencia Hotel in La Jolla, CA showing mid-reception dancing with ceiling wash dance floor lighting and fixed pink uplighting along with Pinspotted / Lit Cake Table (from across the room). 2nd clip shows the still popular “I Gotta Feeling” by BEP bursting into full room lighting synchronized to the music.

High Energy Dancefloor

This video was recorded to highlight how our dancefloor lighting system works, but it’s also a good testament to the high energy DJ services of DJ Blake.

Hi Energy Wedding Recap

Thank you to NR3 Video Productions for cutting this quick, promo video for me.

  • Wedding for 225 People @ Westin Emerald Plaza, Downtown San Diego – big, and alot of energy!
  • I designed and supplied the Uplighting around the Room to match their color schemes and the Gobo/Monogram on the Dancefloor which you can clearly see throughout the dancing scenes.
  • Bride/Groom wanted Extra High Energy. Hence, everything is a bit “louder” than some weddings.
  • Couple’s song requests had a few “grey” area songs, such as “Celebration” which I typically do not play unless requested. In this case, it was extremely appropriate and they loved it!
  • The Photographer & Videographer requested a “group dance shot” where video and photographer are up on riser and had me announce – again, something that isn’t normally done unless it fits the scene and/or requested.
  • Note how I start the dancing with a “slow set” typically from the Mother/Son Dance – this helps build things into up-tempo dancing. The music starts more “general” and fun for all age ranges, then gets “younger” as the night goes on.

Pro Motion Entertainment from nr3videoproductions on Vimeo.

Low-Medium Energy Wedding Grand Entrance

Shapiro & Brown wedding grand entrance provided by DJ/MC Blake Miller of Pro Motion Entertainment

  • Lower-Medium energy wedding, held at La Costa Resort & Spa.
  • Also provided the Uplighting, Gobo Monogram Initials on the Dancefloor and the Pinspotting of the Cake table.
  • Bride-Groom didn’t want alot of hoopla, and a more reserved entrance.  I adjusted my style to match.

Video by Jeff Roldan of Roldan Productions

Custom Gobo Monogram and Lighting at The Lodge at Torrey Pines

Provided DJ/MC Services along with all of the lighting – gobo monogram, uplighting, pinspotting.  View the full wedding and pictures over on my blog.

Last Dance Party Rock

One of the more memorable weddings of 2011.

  • The very last song of the evening, AFTER 7.5 hrs of Service and being EXTENDED 1 hour of overtime on the spot.
  • This is just a quick take of Raw, Unedited video that I took with a flipshare video camera.
  • All of the voices and talking you hear are of the guests.
  • Please see the entire wedding on my blog.